Elect Team Unite at 2021 CLC Convention

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Siobhan Vipond

For CLC Executive Vice-President

Siobhan recently completed her fourth elected term as Secretary-Treasurer of the Alberta Federation of Labour. Siobhan Vipond is a committed trade unionist who works tirelessly to defend the rights of workers in both the private and public sector, and is an advocate on occupational health and safety, women's equality and the importance of workers' voices at all levels of government and industry.

Guided by principles of collectivism and social justice, Siobhan has been busy with the AFL’s “Join the Resistance” campaign, pushing back against the numerous cuts being implemented by Jason Kenny’s conservative government. Under Siobhan's leadership, the AFL launched the Fair Start Campaign for Universal Early Childhood Education and Care in Alberta and is also the driving force behind labour’s increased participation in Pride events. Siobhan is also a member of the National Political Action Committee of the Canadian Labour Congress.

Prior to joining the AFL, Siobhan worked as a stage and film technician and is a proud member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), where she served as Secretary, Vice President and President of IATSE Local 210.

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