Re-elect Team Unite at 2023 CLC Convention

Together For Workers

Larry Rousseau

For CLC Executive Vice-President

Larry Rousseau has served as Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress since May 2017. He has a long history of trade union and political activism, particularly on issues like health and safety, human rights, equity, defending public services and union rights. His involvement in the anti-racism, LGBTQ2SI and peace movements has been an integral part of his engagement and commitment to social justice.

Larry first became involved in labour activism when he was hired as a stockroom clerk at the Canadian Labour Congress at the age of 18, where he learned the ropes of the labour movement. Shortly after, Larry was elected a shop steward for OPEIU (now COPE) Local 225.

Larry was later hired at Statistics Canada, where he remains deployed full time on union business to this day. In 2005 Larry joined the Executive of PSAC Local 70059 to help set up StatCan’s LGBT (Labour-Management) Working Group. He was then elected Vice-President of the Local, and subsequently Regional Vice-President of PSAC’s Union of National Employees. In 2011, Larry was elected PSAC’s Regional Executive Vice-President representing 50,000 members in the National Capital Region, a role he held until he was elected CLC Executive Vice President.

Larry has been proud to hold several files in supporting the President during his two mandates at the CLC, including Human Rights, Education (and Labour College), Training and Technology, Employment Insurance, as well as Health and Safety, Environment and Climate Action. As a team player, he has always made it clear that teamwork and getting the job done are his number one priority. Larry is very happy to be on Team Unite!

Larry holds a Certificate in Civil Law from the University of Ottawa, as well as an honours degree and master’s degree in Public Administration from the École nationale d’administration publique (Québec).